Geospatially Enabled Business Intelligence Solutions    

Pangaea Information Technologies, Ltd. is a leading provider of geospatially enabled business intelligence solutions for public health, military, homeland security, and natural resource management applications. Pangaea leverages artificial intelligence, statistical, and geospatial analysis tools and technologies to provide our clients with the required information and analyses to improve and enhance their decision making process. Pangaea has been providing customized decision support, geographic information systems and geospatial application development, web and multimedia development, system integration, collaborative information management environments and database development products and services to the public and private sectors for over 12 years.

Pangaea has successfully developed and implemented solutions including syndromic biosurveillance; real time disease detection expert systems, enterprise GIS development; geospatially enabled decision support systems; web mapping applications; web based system and data integration portals, image processing and analysis of satellite, airborne, and multi- and hyper-spectral data; interactive multimedia application development; landcover mapping; data conversion and maintenance; database design and development; data modeling; and customized onsite training.

Customized Application/Software Development

Geospatial Information Systems

Incident Management

Remote Sensing

Military Resource Management

Public Health and Homeland Security

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