Geospatially Enabled Business Intelligence Solutions    
Who we are

Pangaea is a software and services business intelligence company that analyzes complex geo-spatial data sets to create actionable information for decision-makers in the healthcare, government and land management sectors.

What we do

Pangaea develops and deploys web-based software that automates the analysis of large data sets so managers can make more accurate, effective and consistent decisions. Pangaea also provides GIS and remote sensing services and uses predictive modeling for customized analysis of large, complex data sets.

Why it matters

Pangaea's near real time analytic capabilities can protect public health as well as manage incidents and natural resources. Pangaea's solutions can save lives by indentifying patterns and incidents of disease outbreaks, biological threats and chemical agents. Pangaea can optimize the use of precious resources and minimize costs by applying predictive modeling and analysis of remote sensing data to land and natural resource management.

How we are different

Pangaea has bio-informatics and natural resource management expertise to understand client's problems from both a scientific and information technology perspective. Our solutions are platform independent giving us flexibility to integrate with our clients' existing and future IT infrastructure.

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