Pangaea celebrates 20 years in Business

20 years ago, I founded Pangaea with the goal of improving the decision making process by developing user friendly tools that leverage existing data and provide sophisticated analytical tools directly to the decision makers.  At that time, decision makers and managers were several steps removed from the data holdings, analysis tools and analysts used to obtain the desired information to support actionable decisions.  

Today, technology has evolved to the point where most managers have access to sophisticated data analysis even on their mobile devices but as data sets have become larger, more complex and disparate, our initial vision is still valid in that decision makers require immediate access and analysis of these data sets in order to make sound, timely and defensible decisions.  The focus today is on separating the “signal from the noise” in large unstructured data sets and providing real time analysis of the meaningful data that has been parsed out.  The use cases vary from real time disease surveillance, providing optimal patient care, risk assessment in the healthcare sector, military resource management decision support, management and analysis of air quality data across multiple nations, real time traffic data monitoring to the management and delivery of educational services to school aged children.  

Pangaea has gone through significant changes from our humble beginnings through navigating the shift from environmental geospatial modeling to real time analysis of medical patient information but what has remained constant are our outstanding staff and our dedication to providing optimal customized solutions to our clients.   We are fortunate that we still are doing business with our first client 20 years later and we still have our first full time employee as a key part of our team. I would like to thank all of the wonderful past and present Pangaea team members, partners and clients who have made all of this possible.  

Our 20th year also has the distinction of being the best year we have had in terms of growth and profit.  As we embark on our next 20 years, we are thrilled to be in the process of commercializing our real time AI based disease surveillance software with our partners at Rush University Medical Center, expanding our regional healthcare facility risk analysis tool and expanding our enterprise IT footprint with the military. I look forward to the challenges that the future holds and I like our odds of successfully overcoming them.  

Best regards,

Miki Ferenczy, President and Founder

Pangaea welcomes new staff

Pangaea is pleased to welcome two new members to the Pangaea Team.

Jeremy Lange is a full stack Software Engineer with 3 years of development experience in the private sector. Mr. Lange is supporting numerous development initiatives with the U.S. Army and CMAP.  Mr. Lange holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from The Ohio State University

Natalie Gordon is a Senior DBA/Data Analyst with 12 years of experience in software engineering, database design, development and analysis and software testing.  Mrs. Gordon has extensive experience in the healthcare and financial sectors performing data analyses on complex datasets.  Mrs. Gordon will take the lead on Data analyses and database optimization for the GUARDIAN suite of AI based real time predictive healthcare tools being developed with Rush University Medical Center.  Mrs. Gordon holds a B.S. From the University of Maryland and an M.S. in Computer Science from DePaul University.