In addition to developing customized data-driven applications, Pangaea also provides the following specialized professional services:



Pangaea has provided customized geospatial information system and GIS based solutions to a broad range of clients since 1995. These solutions include: web mapping applications, enterprise geospatial system design and deployment, spatially enabled decision support systems, geospatial strategic planning, data development, onsite support, and customized training. Pangaea embraces open source geospatial solutions in addition to ESRI based GIS development. We have a firm understanding of geospatial standards and the value of interoperability. Our philosophy is to select the best platform and suite of technologies to meet each client’s individual needs instead of tying every client to a single platform.

Artificial Intelligence

Many of our data analysis and decision support solutions utilize advanced artificial intelligence technologies.  Our rule-based decision support systems apply the knowledge of subject-matter experts to large data sets efficiently.  We use Natural Language Processing to extract meaning from unstructured text.  We have developed algorithms to automatically identify and resolve errors in data as part of our automated data cleansing and validation solutions.  Our cluster detection and analysis processes detect natural groupings within large data sets in order to automatically organize our clients' data.  In addition, we use statistical analysis to determine overall trends and inter-dependencies within large data sets.

Remote Sensing

We work with a broad range of remotely sensed data, from panchromatic photo imagery to multispectral satellite and hyperspectral scanner data, to RADAR based datasets. We provide remote sensing services in the areas of land use / land cover analysis, orthophoto development, classification, and data interpretation. Example applications include site assessment, characterization and monitoring, corridor analysis, ecosystem management, endangered species habitat delineation, wetlands mapping, change detection, planning, and 3-D visualization.

Military Resource Management

Pangaea has been providing support to the U.S. Military since 1995 in terms of application development, geospatial analyses, remote sensing, technical services, training, and subject matter expertise.

U.S. Army Sustainable Range Program Support

Pangaea has been instrumental in implementing and expanding the Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) Program in U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) as well as providing support in the parent Sustainable Range Program (SRP). Pangaea was also an instrumental part of the Parsons team for the U.S. Army Sustainable Range Program (SRP) support contract. The SRP Support Contract was a five-year approximately $200 million contract support vehicle developed by the Army to ensure sustainability of U.S. Army military training ranges, lands, and operating areas. Pangaea provided GIS and remote sensing services to the U.S. Army under this contract.

U.S. Army IGI&S Support

The Army's Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (OACSIM) established the Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S) program for the Army's Installations and Environment (I&E) domain. The program's goals are to establish policy and create guidance for the implementation of an Army-wide installation management geospatial capability and to use that capability in supporting the daily geospatial business needs of all installations and programs, regardless of current capability. The program is responsible for providing oversight on the creation, maintenance, and management of installation geospatial data. It also supports other Army and DoD entities requiring this information. Pangaea was a member of the Kaya Associates, Inc. Team who were awarded a contract to provide Geospatial and IT services to the Army under the IGI&S Program.

Public Health and Homeland Security

Pangaea has developed a real-time biosurveillance monitoring and tracking system that automatically detects and alerts hospital and health officials to potential impending time critical emergencies before they have the chance to develop into full-blown crises. Specific areas of application for our biosurveillance product include bio-terrorism and homeland security, toxic chemical release and industrial exposure zones, and natural disease related outbreak real-time identification and interdiction.  Pangaea also provides comprehensive planning and management services to hospitals and regional public health organizations in the areas of epidemiological trends, market research, site selection, facilities planning and management, service area identification, and related statistical and spatial analysis.

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