The Commission for Environmental Cooperation release Taking Stock Online

Pangaea Information Technologies, Ltd. has been supporting the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) for the past three years in developing the North American Pollutant Release and Transfer Registers (NAPRTRs) data search and mapping tool which is a critical system for the Taking Stock program.  We at Pangaea are extremely proud of the work that we have done as well as the overall effort from CEC.  Here is the official press release from CEC:

On behalf of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC), we are pleased to inform you of the official release of the Taking Stock Online (, as of today, July 13th, 2010.

Taking Stock Online, published today, presents the latest integrated data set (2006 data) from North America’s pollutant release and transfer registers (PRTRs) and features an integrated, multi-year database covering over 500 toxic substances and almost 100 major industrial sectors reporting to the PRTRs of Canada, Mexico and the United States. The site also features new tools to assist in data analysis, including a tool to explore data on pollutants transferred across national borders.

The CEC’s Taking Stock Online site is updated annually and allows users to:

  • Explore information on industrial pollutant releases and transfers;
  • Generate reports in a variety of formats including pie charts and spreadsheets;
  • Create maps and view them using Google Earth;
  • Analyze PRTR data with respect to other information such as watersheds, rivers and lakes, and population centers using geospatial data from the North American Environmental Atlas (

Today’s release of online PRTR data and analytical tools will be complemented with further analyses and information in the CEC’s Taking Stock report to be released later this year. It will feature a special analysis of North American industrial pollutant releases to water, with a more detailed look at the sources and amounts as well as their potential impacts on the environment.

Thank you for your continued interest in the North American PRTR project.